illustrations from Russia


It’s frosty today. It is normal for us. «The frost and the sun — day is fine!» — we often say this when it’s frosty and at the same time we have nice mood. It is a line from a poem by our best poet Pushkin. The beginning of the poem is translated like this:

Cold frost and sunshine: day of wonder!
Bun you, my friend, are still in slumber —
Wake up, my beauty, time belies:
You dormant eyes, I beg you broaden
Toward the northerly Aurora,
As though a northern star arise!

We are north people. We are glad about frost. The frost is better than wet dirt. Our bad roads become better because their dirt is frozen. We are waiting for the winter despite it is very long.


Russian people don’t think about water. When my mom washes the dishes, she doesn’t think about amount of water which she uses. She can go out of the kitchen and leave water tap open. She and her neighbors don’t care about water. The water in Russia is like sun. Nobody regrets wasting it.

At our countrysides we have wells in the ground. Sometimes it is only a hole in the ground and we take water using buckets. A hole can be used by several families. There are frogs and pieces of wood. The water from there is cold. In country houses of a village usually live old women. They go for water, and if you meet them with empty buckets, it means something bad could happen to you. This is our superstition.


Hey. Nice to meet you! I’m Pavlik. It is a Russian name, but in normal way it must be like Pavel. The name Pavlik is for children, not for adult people. I call myself Pavlik because it is funny. Of course I’m a grown-up man, I’m not a boy. But this blog seems to be written by a young boy, because its topics and pictures may be written and drawn by a person who doesn’t have university education. I have it. I have this blog. And I’m going to make a lot of mistakes.

The blog is called «Illustratsii». It means illustrations. It is written in Russian — illustratsii.

I’m going to post different pictures about our life and I will draw and describe it. These are my topics: ordinary situations, work and jobs, children, celebrations and customs, music, novels, shopping and so forth. See you later!